Give Digital Life
 to your Paper Creations.

How to digitize your drawings and notes with iSketchnote?


Put any kind of paper or notebook on the Slate. Write and draw your imagination using real pens.


Your sketches and notes are immediately transferred in a vectorial format to your iPad.


Enhance your creations with the iSketchnote App. Watch the video replay and share your work with your friends.

See the iSketchnote pack in action!

the Slate

The Slate is a unique writing device that allows pen and paper lovers to digitize sketches and notes. Simply put your favorite notebook on the no-slip surface and draw your imagination. Your work is magically digitized on your screen! Stay mobile thanks to the long-life battery and the embedded memory. Enjoy the thinness and lightness of the Slate.
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the Pens

We design natural pens for all pen and paper lovers. No battery, no electronics – just an innovative permanent magnet ring that is embedded into classic pens. Keep the unique feeling of a real pen gliding on any sheet of paper. Different tips, different colors. With these refillable pens, you can use any standard ballpoint or roller cartridges. The first pens of many to come!
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the iSketchnote App

Save all your sketches, drawings and notes on your iPad with the iSketchnote App. Change the colors and the pen tips. Add layers and export your work in a vectorial format. Enhance and share your creations with your friends. Use the video replay to share the construction of your sketches and drawings, not just a picture!

the Cover

Take the Slate with your iPad anytime and use it anywhere with the premium cover. Enjoy the kickstand mode and explore the power of the real-time digitization. Use the cover with both iPad and iPad mini sizes thanks to the overall mechanic compatibility.

Pre-order Your iSketchnote Pack!

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$179 $199

The iSketchnote pack* includes:
the Slate + 2 Pens + 1 Cover

Choose your color

*Compatible with iPad 3 and up + iPad Mini.
Works with the iSketchnote App.

Featured on

“iSketchnote has hit Kickstarter with an interesting take on the sketch digitizing game.”

Engadget by Steve Dent, 09/13

“You put a normal sheet of paper on it and start writing. Everything you write is very accurately transferred to the screen.”

TechCrunch By Romain Dillet, 05/14

“The perfect crossover product for those individuals who prefer to use pen and paper to draft ideas.”

Gizmag by Dave Parrack, 09/13

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